Adding pictures

To add picture to the post, with default Summernote editor there are 3 options to choose from.

  1. Click "picture" button on top of the editor. Image added this way will be embedded into the post as base-64 format. This will make post content bigger, but there will be no additional server call to download image.
  2. Use "attach file" option under the editor. This will save image to default location and only insert image link into the post content. This will keep post small, but browser will need additional call to get image from the server.
  3. Upload image to the server with "file manager" (admin -> content). You can create folders and upload files where you want this way. Then use "file picker" button under the editor to insert image similar to option 2, but picking already uploaded picture from the server.

It is up to you which option to use.

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